1: The most underrated Nintendo character, and also my favorite. He wears a green shirt with blue overalls, and a green cap with the letter 'L' on it (Although back in SMB1, he wore white with green overalls), and was underrated and overlooked until he got his own game.
2: The best character in Super Smash Bros. Melee, no doubt. Much better, in fact TIMES better than Mario in all aspects of combat, with useful smash moves and devastating aerial attacks.
It's no wonder you have to unlock Luigi, he's so damn good. Fuck Mario, let's give Luigi props for a change.
by Hand Hanzo January 22, 2005
The underrated Mario Bros who twice his older brother's ass; first in "Mario is Missing", then in "Luigi's Mansion" and maybe a few more times in the animated series in the late 80s and early 90s. Luigi can jump higher, he can perform critical hits with his upper cuts and shoots out green straight-shooting fire balls (as witnessed in Super Smash bros games). However, Luigi is not as fast, as physically strong (when it comes to lifting and carrying things) and he does not have a good sense of balance as Mario, (making him harder to control) as witnessed in SMB 2.
Luigi is usually the unsung hero of almost any Mario game
#luigi #mario #super mario bros. #nintendo #super mario world #green #super smash bros
by The Harmeister January 19, 2009
Absolutely Gorgeous Superhero maestro. Love him soooo mucH!
1. Te DUA Luigi!
2. I take thee Luigi to be my husband
by Lui's girl April 05, 2005
A boy usually Italian but Filipino in rare occasions. He can be also known as "The Weegee" for short. His favorite food is pizza (Costco) and he most likely plays Xbox 360 instead of PS3. A Luigi has really good hearing so don't talk shit about him cause he'll hear you from a mile away! Its ironic but most Luigis' favorite color is actually Green like Luigi from Super Mario Bros.
Boy 1: Hey did you see Weegee today?
Boy 2: Yeah, he had Pizza from Costco for lunch as always

Boy 1:*whispers into Boy 2's ear* So I hear Luigi likes food, ALOT.
Luigi: Da Fuq You Say?

Boy 1: See Luigi with his green sweater today?
#pizza #green #swag #xbox360 #filipino
by Hype-er than the rest January 13, 2012
He is marios second hand man who always helps Mario in everything but dosen't get any credit, Mario gets coins and a kiss or cake when luigi dosen't get anything when he helped Mario in the first place.
I always use luigi in mario kart
#luigi #nintendo #mario #kart #brother
by Randomguy78 March 27, 2013
The younger brother to Mario. He is taller and less rounded. he is shown to be scared of ghosts. He is sick and pale with grief from standing in his brothers shadow for so long, Playing the second fiddle, and easily being the second banana, He plays it well however. He has had two games were he has taken the limelight, the first in Mario is missing (somewhere along the line luigi's evil doppelganger Weegee was leaked and born into the world through the NES version of this game with the creepy version of Luigi) and Luigi's mansion, where he had to vacate a mansion he won that was haphazardly filled with ghosts, He will get a sequel to this game, named Luigi's mansion 2, which was showcased in E3 2011.
“Hey, Bro! Everyone left me behind! I had to hustle to get up here!”-Luigi, always getting left behind.
#princess peach #mario #luigi #toad #bowser #nintendo #princess daisy
by Weegeeluigimario July 18, 2011
mario's brother that needs to be payed more attention to
why isnt there any other luigi title out there
#luigi #mario #attention #out #payed
by backstabing spy April 13, 2010
loogie; snot Based after the green plumber Luigi.
After she blew her nose luigi was on the tissue.
#loogie #blowing #mario #kevin #plumber
by guy55555 June 18, 2011
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