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A character in a the "In the Numbers" Youtube series. Luigi cannot speak a single word or at least no one has ever heard him speak a word. He does all his communication through singing lyrics of songs. He wears a red shirt with red bell-bottom pants. He has a black cape with red trimming. His hair is a darker orange and wears a black mask and hat with a white feather in it. His personality is playful, lovable, cuddly, and at times annoying.

The creator of this character, Luigi1o3, uses this name as his own title many times in conversation.

The title originated during a video shoot with Luigi1o3 and Skull Virse. The name was just thought up on the spot for the video. It is now recognized by many for a guy who sings for laughs and fun.
Guy 1: Oh my God, It's Luigi the Singing Choob!

Luigi (sings): Why Should I Worry?
by Luigi the Singing Choob May 16, 2009
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