Term used in the hotel industrie to make colleagues aware of a hot girl/guy on the other side of the desk, without them knowing.
Receptionist1: Loads of luggage today
Receptionist2: yep

R1: Look at that luggage
R2: Yeah, best luggage today
by carljohnson June 18, 2009
Top Definition
Male Sexual Organ
I went had to rent a boy to carry my luggage for me. Especially used in anti-gay circles.
by The anti-gay revenger May 04, 2010
Any venereal disease carried by a person. It's the gift that keeps on giving.
I was going to sleep with Lisa, but she had luggage.
by Joe Dirt2 May 30, 2006
when you are hungover and have to rely on others to get things done, "carry you"
You're going to have to do my work today, I'm luggage.
by Captain Hangover April 26, 2014
A codeword for pads/ tampons. Girls use it in an emergency situation; extremely useful especially if there are guys around.
Girl1: Hey, whatsup? Why do you look so sick?
Girl2: Do you have any luggage? I'm going to Japan.

Girl1: Yeah, I'll go grab it for you in a sec.
Guy: You get to go to Japan?? LUCKY!!!!

Girl1&2: Not really...
by A sympathetic friend2 May 09, 2009
An extremely clingy/irritating person, usually used as a name for the person rather than insult.
Piss off Luggage
Is Luggage coming?
You're very clingy/irritating Luggage
by Yes December 14, 2003
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