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1. n- a facial expression or slight laugh of subtle sarcastic intrest used to insult
2. v- to make a subtle refrence to a figment of eightie's culture through early world history, governemt, economics or philosophy
3. n-a humorous early world history, governemt, economics, and philosophy teacher
1. The luffman he gave the student during her rambling was quite amusing
2. His luffman to Higlander during Middle Ages class was highly comical
3. Since he was an infant, Mackey had aspirations to become a high school luffman
by Michael February 21, 2005
n. Any teacher who expects his or her students to use correct spelling in any public communications.
Mike finally understood why Ms. White had been such a Luffman as his ninth-grade English teacher when he was impeached by Congress for misspelling "funk" in a judicial opinion he edited as a clerk of the Federal Appeals Court.
by Gunhaver March 28, 2005
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