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A clothing company founded by longtime friends and business partners, Gene Montesano and Barry Perlman. This laid-back California style line sells mainly jeans but also sells active wear and casual outfits. Jeans cost for women around $88 to $148. Same goes for men. The brand usually attracts middle to upper-class teens and young adults.
I just got the new Lola straight jean! Lucky Brand Jeans are so cute and fit so well!
by jeansx3 April 07, 2007
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A cool store found in local malls that carries unique clothing. With a pricetag slightly higher than Abercrombie the store can be labeled overpriced. Their main consumer base consists of middle class suburban kids.
Girl #1: OMG, these Lucky Brand Jeans clothes cost too much. I'm not spending 120 bucks!

Girl #2: Wow, that's wicked expensive. Let's buy jeans at AE.
by 108938932 September 04, 2006
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