Lucky poker players who win with bullshit hands, despite your all-in on pocket aces or kings or any other really good starting poker hand.

These lucky poker players always seem to hit a Lucky Wilson whatever you do!
When you get beaten by that guy who called your all-in bet for the Nut Straight you have hit on the Flop with a pair of sevens, then proceeds to make four of a kind on the turn & river.

That player has issued you a Lucky Wilson
by Scotty Nguyen November 13, 2007
Top Definition
One who has a natural dumb luck that bails them out of any situation, regardless of severity.

A person who gets through life on pure luck and chance but think they have a 'gift'
When you get beaten by that guy who called your all-in with pocket aces pre-flop with a 3-5 off suit who then makes a straight on the flop. That guy has performed a 'Lucky Wilson'
by Nick Guyton October 22, 2007
Poker players who always win by calling with any two cards and then go on to win the hand
Calling A 350K Raise with Queen Six off. Then going on to make a one card run. THAT PLAYER JUST HIT A LUCKY WILSON
by DOYLE BRUNSON December 13, 2007
One who seems to fluke an unbeatable poker hand from two terrible starting cards regardless of the quality of his/her apponents hand.
You are sitting on pocket aces and go all in. He/she has seven-two off suit and calls for the hell of it. They somehow manage to spawn an unbeatable full house, trips or quads, usually on fourth street and the river. They then make out it was skill and they knew it would happen all along. He/she has played a Lucky Wilson.
by Nico Glimmerman December 14, 2007
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