When a director ruins a classic film by retouching it years later.
Director Steven Spielberg lost all credibility when he lucased the movie E.T.
by M Brake November 03, 2006
The inability to live up to the lowest of expectations due to creative belligerence.
Wow, I really Lucased that presentation, we will probably lose that account.

What an awful movie! Yeah, the director totally Lucased it.
by JohnnyRedlight May 29, 2008
To take a perfectly good idea, then completely ruin it.
The first 3 Indiana Jones movies were pretty good but they certainly Lucased the 4th one.
by Brendo nintendo May 27, 2008
What happens to a series of movies when each one gets progressively worse than the last.
Hot diggity! I'm so glad that Batman Begins saved the Batman series from being Lucased!
by Rock n Roll Mike July 18, 2005

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