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The kind of silly, uncontrollable, constant-movement-causing reaction to love. May result in tackles, tickles, crazed giggling, ":3/X3", lolspeak, mushy talk, and all-around madcap behavior. When constantly repeated, slurs into "blub, blub" giving the impression that the speaker is drowning in love.
Boy 1: Whoa! Did you see his girlfriend just tackle him Is she psychotic?
Boy 2: Don't worry about it, she's just in lublub.
by MC lub September 04, 2010
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Lub Lub - Noun - in The Casino Game Pai Gow - When the dealer cannot make a hand.

Very popular phrase among casino folks in Las Vegas and Atlantic City
The dealer flips his cards, and has nothing, thus losing to everyone at the table who has a hand. You could say "Lub Lub"
by Bubba Kong June 29, 2009
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the fleshiest of lovehandles that spill over the waistband of often too tight trousers.
Show us your jabbies so I can chub your lublubs.
by mr.buffstick March 11, 2005
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When a Caleb has chub chub on his tub tub he becomes a Lub Lub
"Have you seen Caleb? No...he's not with us any longer......but i've seen Lub Lub!
by Uh leeee see uhhhhh February 22, 2010
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