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Lube tube is the female version of a douchebag. Usually identifiable by the wearing of uggs and a northface. If wearing sweatpants too, then definitely a lube tube.
While walking around the mall I saw a whole pack of Lube Tube's.
by lthater December 02, 2009
57 45
A very good adult website
The adult videos on lubetube are very stimulating
by joeyjr. November 03, 2009
171 73
Sexual lubricant dispenser. Usually in the form of a toothpaste-like tube. Used during the act of anal sex.
Clive, grab that lube tube and grease up. I'm going in.
by Vegas_Malone March 05, 2008
171 116
Revision* is a good website, but often gives viruses to those who go to it. I would not suggest this website. A website of the same caliber though is
" was good until they had all those stupid advertisements that give you viruses."
"I agree, they need to fix that or i'm not going to it anymore.
by Joeyjr. February 16, 2010
71 32
slang term for vagina or anus, in the case of gay men.
Man, she has one hell of a tight lube tube.

She don't need no KY jelly, her lube tube is slick.
by slickbillie August 16, 2009
74 71