Basically, the Chuck Norris of Dynasty Warriors.....nuff' said.....(and yes we all know what happened to him in the 7th game stfu!)
You dont F**k with Lu Bu.
by Zaku-Zaku May 29, 2012
1. A famous Chinese officer regarded as an incredible warrior, and equally as treacherous.

2. A noun describing someone to be like Lu Bu; looking for the next challenge, striving to be the master at what they do, and not standing for having a weak leader.
That dude is the Lu Bu of everything!
by Steel1943 August 25, 2010
the most cool ass fighter against the han dynasty and the most bad ass of em all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lu bu:''i am the bad ass''
by killaz 99 August 11, 2003
lu bu was one of the greats in chinese history he had no equal but he did not have plans and the was his doen fall at the battle of chengdu 200 C.E.
Lu Bu among men red hair among horses he could run a 1000 miles in a single day that so is the legand of Lu Bu
by brian October 08, 2004
Lu Bu. Aj. Traitor. Comes from the name of a chinese warrior who betrayed people too many times.
You are such a Lu Bu
by Grilox May 01, 2004
a great warrior know to defeat thousands of soldiers in battle, but when you finally beat him he runs away like a sissy and you only get a crummy +2 attack from him
the teachers weren't happy that i brought a halbert to class, so i went lu bu on their asses
by shadow December 03, 2004
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