Weird guy.. Bit retarded. In general, nice fellow. Often "falls in love", if this ever happens to you, don't believe him and run away. Seriously.
Girl: Hey, how are you?
Lowey: In love with you!!! Let's go out!
Girl: *runs away*
by Lowey December 19, 2004
Top Definition
A diminutive and fastidious man of tediously predictable nature who never leaves the house without checking his bus app first and who's life ambition is to hold his own baby in his arms.
What, so you color-coded all your monthly outgoings in an Excel spreadsheet with multiple macros, whilst watching a documentary on the histrory of British railways? Dude, you are such a Lowey
#ocd #loser #meticulous #asphyxiwank #shit hair
by wopper314 May 09, 2013
A criminal mastermind who likes to plot and plan illegal ideas. Run from this boy
'He's a tres sexy Lowey'
'*gasp* a LOWEY? Are you mad? He'll rob your country of vodka x|
by Lana :) December 19, 2004
Self confessed, angsty teen, often found trying to find ways of hacking into various systems throughout the education system.Blames most things from poverty, to slow refresh rates on Tom from myspace.Has a strange obsession with dead baby jokes.Full on nerd, but you can't help but love him.
Friend:Hey Lowey
Lowey:What do you call a dead baby pinned to a wall? we go again
#lowye #lowie #james #loweyy #semaj
by Edwardio September 27, 2007
Lowey is what we call James. Mainly because it is his name. Oftentimes, we don't like to use the word 'James' as it is offensive. No, I joke. There are just too many James's to keep track off.
"James bake me a pie! No, not you James, Lowey! Bake me a pie!"
by your-tie-is-also-dead December 19, 2004
An ok guy, who has a tendency to be rather a nob sometimes
Me: "Hey, lowey, why are you highlighting words on the school ICT regulations"
Lowey: "I'm just trying to find some loopholes, so I can hack into the school network without getting into trouble"
Me: "Fun"
Lowey: "I know, great, isn't it"
by JD March 09, 2005
A species of Englishmen who are prone to acts of randomness, characterized by good listening skills and known for being unique creatures.
That Lowey was off the hook!
#creature #englishmen #random #unique #skills
by zeecrazyzee October 29, 2007

A guy who is better friends with your girlfriend than you are. Constantly cockblocking and belittling you; he is the bane to your existence.
Swear to g-d, bro, if you keep being a Lowey, i'll cut off your cockblocking, girly balls.
#cockblock #douchebag #asshole #jealousy #piece of shit #harry potter
by AsSeriousAsMan October 21, 2010
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