Having sexual intercourse in a vigorous way.
"bakerSK8s126 7:24 AM: okay
bakerSK8s126 7:24 AM: lovins is
bakerSK8s126 7:25 AM: fucking real hard
like so hard you start screamin and shit
bakerSK8s126 7:25 AM: yeeeeeeeah
bakerSK8s126 7:25 AM: lovins"
by plastiqq July 17, 2006
verb: the act of talking on the phone with a significant other or flirting with him/her.
"Y'all need to quit lovin' so we can go to this club tonight."
by Nazz January 23, 2006
lovin is a name for a bimbo who is totally a shittard , brainless , mean ass , childish and kns . & lovin is just so totally over POH .
There goes lovin falling in love with POH again . i seee love sparks in the air !
by lin ( ; December 29, 2007

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