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Chelsea says, "I love you more," and Casey responds, "not possible, look it up on urban dictionary!" "I loveyoumore," Casey says.
by Timmy000111 May 18, 2011
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Loving somebody more than they love you.
devon: love you <3

milo: nope love you more! <3
by mailoh October 21, 2011
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The act of hanging up on somebody during a phone conversation, usually when the conversation is drawing its end, and both parties are aware of its forthcoming demise. This conversation is always ended with a "love you more" followed by the abrupt end of the conversation, via hanging up the phone. Simply, an obnoxious game played between two people. Usually two persons that hold some sort of mutual emotional and intimate significance to each other...

Also, the essential winner of this game, is one who blurts this overly obnoxious statement before the other party and proceeds to hang up without the other person getting in a word...
!!!RING!!! !!!RING!!! "Hello? - Hey its me -... Hey! - Hey just wanted to let you know that i am on my way now, i am caught in traffic though and its probably going to be later than i thought, SORRY :( -... Oh, well dinner is ready. - I know i will be as fast as I can, you just have no idea what this day was like, Mr, Smith came up to me the second after i got out of this huge presentation and, well actually ill just tell you about it when i get home -... Ok baby, well I love you! - I love you too babe,OH! GUESS WHAT ELSE? -... What!?!? - LOVE YOU MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE -... !!!CLICK!!!
by Panick from myspace March 22, 2007
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Penn loves Georgia more. Its just known.
Pennsylvania has always loved Georgia state crazy amounts more, no matter what wars they fight through together!
by Genius of the Universe October 28, 2008
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Kylie Charron loves Jessica Bowerman more than Jessica loves her.
"I love you Kylie" - Jessica
"I loveyoumore Jessica" - Kylie
by charronie November 22, 2013
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