A term for asa that shows my ausie love for her
Aye lovey, come give me a smooch
by The Real Batman April 24, 2007
Something you call a girl to get in her pants.
You : Hey lovey, i missed you so much this week
Her : Aww, I missed you too! Now lets make up for lost time and have sex.
by DaMastaOf92 June 07, 2009
A person who talks about you behind your back and thinks she is all cool because she has so much things such as clothes.. when the children in africa doesn't have anything
Do you want to got to Africa with me to help kids who have AID's?

a Lovey would respond. : No sorry I need to go shopping
by fuck yaa April 18, 2009
another word for horny.. especially when youre high/drunk
*after drinking a couple shots*
person 1:youre so sexy.. im all lovey now
person 2:me to =]
by stephany k thanks June 24, 2005
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