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Newfanese for "love it".

Contrary to popular belief, this has been a common phrase in Newfoundland long before Paris Hilton coined it.
"Do you like my new car?"

"I loves it!"
by jojoma28 September 05, 2008
A common phrase in use through out South Wales. The phrase to one's like of something.

'I loves it, I do.' This is the context in which it - the phrase - is usually used by South Waleans.
by Junior Stubbs September 03, 2008
n. strong predilection, enthusiasm, or liking for anything

from the Middle English "hates it," NOT from Paris Hilton. As in:

"Thief! Thief, Baggins! We hates it, we hates it, we hates it forever!!" -- Gollum
nerd 1: "You were wearing that shirt the last time I saw you. You must really like it."

nerd 2: "Oh, yes. We loves it. We needs it. It is our precioussss."
by Yllak September 03, 2008
It's a phrase made up by Paris Hilton's mom and grandma, as stated on The Simple Life.
Now you're going to clean up some cow shit.
Loves it.
by brokenxheartx3 May 02, 2005
Loves it is just another word for "I love it!"

Made up by Paris and Nicole of the Simple Life.
how's the hat on me?

Loves it.
by SweetNAMese February 10, 2005
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