The last album ever released by My Bloody Valentine. Considered the group's best release and is now a classic album for all indie rock kids to listen to.
Carla was listening to Loveless while taking some ecstasy.
by tonguetied January 09, 2005
Top Definition
Originally a manga series by Kouga Yun that was later made into a 12 episode anime series. It is well-known for its beautiful artwork and interesting boy/boy pairings.
Ritsuka from Loveless is the sexiest 12-year-old in existence!! *squee, squee, die*
by No Hunting Please July 05, 2005
Artist, singer, song writer and free spirit born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Current Front man for the music project SKELETONSTAND.
Loveless was drunk when he said that.
by hatemore February 02, 2010
A total assclown loserdouche homofag that likes to say Poowwww all day, burp loudly, and smell his own farts.
Dude don't be a Loveless
by Dudebrah1985 February 20, 2013
someone who owns many slaves && has a fake nose.
That Loveless over there strongly dislikes africans, probably because of her artificial nose. It's unpleasant.
by CollinFaaaa February 27, 2010
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