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A cute town just outside of the 'big city', Fort Collins, CO. People here are either druggies, earth-loving hippies, or rednecks. However, there are some that are great people and make Loveland the cheery town it is. Schools suck, thats why most people choose to send their kids once again to the 'Big City' for school. Not much to do until they modernized the area. Looking on the outside, some parts look trashy, but it's probably the most diverse, friendly and happy city you'll get on the Front range. And by city, I mean small town. The weather is ideal for any person who loves the outdoors. You don't see many people leaving the Loveland because of the lack of activities. They leave because of the jobs, absolutely nothing to do but flip burgers and maybe work at the local high school. Of course there's Boulder, Fort Collins, and Longmont all close which supply enough jobs to keep the richer people of Loveland happy. The people are always friendly, and the area is at times, drama free. Not too many fake or stuck up people, we're mostly down to earth and don't require the high lifestyle.
I love country music, the environment, and smoke a blunt everyday in the pastures along the foothills of the rocky mountains. Thank god for Loveland, CO.
by Ali Oop April 27, 2009
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