dick,cock,schlongect. the long dangly thing in between his legs... or between a tranny's legs
She stroked his love muscle until it stood up with excitement
by Jenna June 13, 2004
Top Definition
penis, cock, wang, dong, member, tool, wee-wee, schlong, dick, weiner, pee-pee, meat flute, meat, salami, peter, johnson, schooner, john henry, schmuck, sword, magic wand, wang, wanger, wang-a-lang, ding-gong, dong, package, man candy, ding-a-ling, putz, pud, bone, bit, pendejo, verga, pulo, hot dog, sausage, hot beef injector, heat-seeking missile, one eyed snake, snake, vicar, man meat, organ, cheeseburger, smegmatic, twig and berries, dirty bit, tube steak, ant eater, third leg, kilbasa, trouser snakr, trouser flute, kick stand, seamen straw, little bald monk, tallywhacker, thingie, wank, wanker, willie, mickie, dip stick, dork, george bush.
My love muscle needs flexing.
by Matt Pat December 30, 2004
The Muscles involved in sexual acts/intercorse.
"She firmly gripped his Love Muscle, and proceed to milk its frothy innerds."
by Davis December 30, 2003
love muscle means your heart

it does not mean penis,

reason one, it is not a muscle (blood is pumped into it when you get a hard on)

reason two, when a person means love people generally say it comes from the heart (or thats where the term comes from "oh i love you with all of my heart")

there is a song on american pie called "love muscle" it is about emotions and feeling not about cock/sex

seriously it is not penis.
mark; laura dumped me

tom; to bad dude, you looked great together

mark; yeah true, ...... my love muscle hurts


person; i love you with all my love muscle
by moooooooooooooooooooooooooose December 01, 2010
the muscle up the vaginal opening used to grip the penis and may become tight
gunit/i smell pussy - "love muscle feel tighter then a head lock"
by *~ Kristyn*Cortney*n*Krisilyn April 17, 2004
An unfortunate nickname for a scrawny guy who doubles over and shudders uncontrollably when he laughs.
Robert, a.k.a. the love muscle, gets all red and begins to shudder like he is 'gasm-ing whenever I tell him that joke.
by JohnK May 19, 2005
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