What Neill Ptrick Harris left in the back of Harold's car in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.
"He're's $20 for the burgers, and 200 for the car. I left some, ah, love stains in the back seat, you'll see."
by gramaticon July 29, 2005
Top Definition
1 n: A permanent mark caused by the act of sexual intercourse, generally dried semen
2 n: The pain of having your heart broken
"I left a love stain or two on your couch, Jeremy, sorry, bro."
by God October 28, 2004
When a guy gets cum all over a piece of furniture.
"Hey man, thank's for letting me borrow your car last night! Oh...here's 50 bucks."

"....uh...what's the 50 for? You're my bro, it's free" he says, giving back the $50.

"You'll find out in a second, thanks again!"

he goes back to his car.

"WTF!?! He cummed all over the bitch in the front seat!?! Awwwwwww hell naw! $50 won't cover these love stains!!!"
by Lana lana LANA October 29, 2008
What you leave in the back of your friends car after you borrow it for a date with your girlfriend.
John,"Here is $20 for your car."
Greg,"My car! What did you do to it?"
John,"I left some Love Stains in the backseat."
by J-Hobbz January 17, 2005
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