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The Penis. Popularised by the rockumentary This Is Spinal Tap. A musician is playing a beautiful piece of classical music he has written on the piano. When the interviewer asks the name of the piece the musician replies with "Lick My Love Pump!"
Andy: Hey wanna lick my love pump Sally?
Rachel: Actually it's Rachel and it's more like a hump than a pump. Loser. And one more think. That word is sooo 80s!
by Gary Cherone June 20, 2006
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The 1984 four door orange Dodge pick-up truck used by the North Mankato patch crew until its sale in 2000.
6 workers rolled down Lee Blvd in upper North Mankato in the Love Pump on their way to break when a flock Somali women looked like they needed a good keybanging.....result = flying towels and one blown muffler.
by Patch Crew Slacker May 16, 2010
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A man who says he loves a women to get her into bed/to sleep with her

Oh my god Zim is such a love pump, i cant believe that girl fell for his charm
by brazilnat December 07, 2008
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Lovepump (Lovepump United Records) is the name of an indie record label founded in 2004 by the college students Jake Friedman and Mookie Singerman of the band Glitter Pals. The Glitter Pals first EP was Lovepump's first release. Currently, Lovepump has released over 27 EP's and received much fame after releasing the debut album "The Lovvers" by AIDS Wolf in 2006.
Alot of their bands tend to fall in the noise rock category
AIDS Wolf, Glitter Pals, Genghis Tron, HEALTH, Child Abuse, and Pre- a few bands that are on Lovepump label
by xrist November 09, 2009
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When a male erection is inserted into a vacuum or spa jet, and becomes stuck in the hole.
Mike Fischer gets love pumps daily, that’s like the 5th time today.
by Mike Hunt May 20, 2004
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A name for Ashley.
A very annoying nick name
by Jamie Rae January 24, 2005
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