Love & metal cannot be combined as the two words contradict each other. When a band like H.I.M. comes along, it is easy for them to get caught up in their fame that they begin to believe they are a new messiah in the music industry by coining the term "love metal". If a mainstream band such as H.I.M. wants recognition, create something that we haven't heard before, not music that sounds like all the other "Oh my good my girlfriend dumped me" crap.

Add one quarter metal and a hole barrels worth of shitty, weepy, faggot crap and get a reeking sess pool of a main stream genocide of a a genre namely metal.
Those cunts you hate but don't know anything about.

Boy 1: "Those metal heads are wreaking our slam dancing with their 'moshing'!"
Boy 2: "I say we go see a HIM concert instead. It's love metal so we don't have to worry about violence."
by Tseng & Obelisk January 10, 2006
First off: It's not a genre if it has one fucking band.

A term coined by slightly above-average gothic rock band HIM to make them seem more edgy to the 12 year olds who listen to them because Ville Valo has a pretty face. It has none of the common elements of classic metal, such as guitar oriented songs, technical solos with heavy blues influence, complicated drum tempos, their lyrics aren't even as dark as Black Sabbath's.
Love metal =/= metal. The only reason it's gained any recognition is because that douchebag Bam Margeraisn't creative enough to think of his own symbol to put in every room of his house.
by ThroatSlit November 25, 2006
NOT a genre because it has only ONE band in it! A shitty band at that! HIM is awful enough as they are and dont deserve their own genre. Its simply a name for a poser goth/emo bad. Oh and the "heartagram" FUCK YOU the pentagram repreasents satan (or man from a biblical point of view) and the heartagram repreasents nothing but a desperate attempt to kill metal. Love-metal does not deserve to be a genre.
HIM fan: Hey do you like metal
Metalhead: ya
HIM fan: Do you like love metal?

*suddenly the metalhead slices the HIM fan's throught open*
by True Metalhead October 09, 2006
A horrible excuse for HIM fans to spam up metal boards. Seriously, "LOVE METAL?!" what the fuck?! Thats like calling "My Chemical Romance" Love Rock! You cant get away with bullshit genres that don't even sound like the actual genre you're trying to modify!
Love Metal is a load of bullshit and anyone that thinks it's a genre has no brain.
by theamazingbender November 15, 2006
shitty genre coined by shitty ass band H-I-M.
H-I-M can suck my left one.
by m. wuornos January 22, 2005
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