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AFI's second single off their seventh full length album "DecemberUnderground." It features the band wandering through a snowy forest during a blizzard, and slowly being separated from one another. An unidentified woman reapears throughout the video, seemingly seducing Davey. She was defined by him as "the human embodyment of hopelessness," in the making of the video.

The actual preformance of the song is featured in the snowy forest.

Nearing the end, the woman removes her hood and Davey falls backwards, breaking the ice of some body of water that he had been standing on. He stuggles to get out, pounding on the ice, but with no avail. Then the woman appears to be in the water with him, and they sink out of sight together. Implied death by drowning, obviously.

Of you're wondering what he's "saying" as he's beneath the ice, some brief reseach will reveal to you the many fan theories that have formed.

Love Like Winter has a sad, dark, edge and can only be identifyed as yet another AFI video masterpiece (produced by Marc Webb).
The making of Love Like Winter premeried while we were all at school. How shitty is that?
by static_pallor September 30, 2006
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