A love job:
similar to a blow job
but with more love

A love job calls you the next day. It shows up with breakfast and chocolates. And flowers.
Betty gave me a love job.
by Dr. Love Job September 01, 2010
Top Definition
Australian slang; Cheap or Free service as a favor to a friend
A: How much did he ask to fix your car?
B: Nothing, It was a lovejob.
by JK Washing December 23, 2010
A male who loves themself above all other persons. A metrosexual, completely concerned with their physical appearance. Confidently arrogant about their looks and ability to score with the ladies. Also known as an L J .
LJ: Yeah bro, I walked up to her and said 'hey baby how you doin'? *winking*

Friend: Man.... you are such a Lovejob!
by LJ # 1 May 26, 2009
A word that needs no definition
that girl gave me a slimy lovejob
by Mandrake February 24, 2005
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