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The specific low 'parrp' or 'squelch' created when air is trapped between two sweaty naked bodies and forced to escape.

The most common area for these emissions is from between the two participants bellies as they undulate. Not to be confused with a fanny fart or common raspberry.
“Did you just guff on my balls dear?”
“Certainly not darling! ...It must have been a love fart”
by wronginthehead August 13, 2009
A fart released in silent, usually in bed, by one or another spouse. When caught, the offender uses the excuse that he/she loves him/her. A downright silly, but mean thing to do. Especially if the farter has eaten eggs, asparagus, or taco bell that evening.
Not to be confused with the "LOVE FART" (Singular) which is produced by two gyrating bodies during sex.
"Honey, did you just fart!?!?"
-Yeah, I did... just a couple of love farts.-
"Dammit, you're an asshole."
-I know... I love you!-
by stuporjew57 July 08, 2011

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