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The feeling that is onset by an instance when you and your signifigant other have a moment of intense love. This feeling can be onset by cuteness, intense eye gazing, and/or but not limited to being absolutely head over heals in love.
I just had a love boner when you looked into my eyes. I just had a love boner because your so darn cute.
by Johndoe2012 March 31, 2011
When a male becomes erect by the thought of or by being told that his loved one loves him.
Sally: "I love you so much baby."
George: "You just gave me a huge Love Boner."
Sally: "Oh yes, I can feel that!"
by Sally69 February 10, 2013
noun-a boner you have for someone who invokes a deep passionate feeling within you, sexually or non-sexually.
I have a love-boner for Simon Pegg. Everything he does is love-boner worthy.
by rosietheamazon October 22, 2011
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