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A song from Dance Dance Revolution, which made its debut on DDR Extreme. Known for its reasonably fast pace and perfectly generic J-pop style, it quickly makes its way to the "most overplayed" list of any DDR machine it graces.

There are several reasons for this: While its light (easy) stepchart is more difficult than most, its standard (medium) and heavy (hard) stepcharts are on the simpler end of the spectrum; the fact it takes up one of the top spots on DDR Extreme's default songlist also boosts its popularity.

Of course, at its simplest, it provides a decent balancing point between Azn DDR "hardcores" and their weeaboo girlfriends.

The song (along with many other konami originals) was removed from DDR X, and there was much rejoicing.
"Ari no mama de butsukatte OH DEAR GOD MAKE THE LOVE SHINE STOP!"

"Hey sweet, you're gonna play Look to the Sky? I love that songNO STOP. BAD. NO LOVE SHINE. NO."
by PKay (hates Love Shine) March 27, 2010
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