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sitting between two people that you like at the same time causing you to be stuck in a love sandwich.
Person 1: I saw this dude last night who was in a love sandwich with these two chicks.
by The Goose, the Duck and Swan January 16, 2010
The sexiest form of a sandwich. It is often performed by football players who only have football and food on their minds. Not the tastiest but the most fullfilling. Also referred to guys that act like David Pantoja and Darryl Goldberg.
Put it back in your pants stop being such a Love Sandwich
by muther trucker January 07, 2009
An awesome song by a kick ass band called, Nerf Herder. A "love sandwich" is a threesome. And also very fun! hahaha~
lyrics from song,"Me and Steve are the bread, and you're the meat bitch." lol

download it! and other funny song from them!
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