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A sub-derivative, and/or combination of <b>Doom Metal, Glam & Goth Metal</b>, consisting of sometimes slow, melodic tunes, or higher paced, somewhat gloomy power ballads. Brought into the forefront by the Finnish band, H.I.M. (formerly "His Infernal Majesty", who originally started as a Black Sabbath cover band). Is typically confused for "Emo", or "Emotive Hardcore".
(Doom) Pagan Alter, Pentagram, (Love Metal) H.I.M.,(Inspirations/Metal) Black Sabbath, Into The Void.

(Emo *Non-Love/Doom Metal) Rites of Spring, Embrace, Jawbreaker.
by Rhochester October 12, 2009
the 4th album from the band HIM. It goes back to their roots from Greatest Love Songs. Vol. 666, their 1st album. It is also what Ville Valo classifies their music as
Love Metal is Awsome!
by Chris Creveling April 20, 2004
A music genre which fuses gothic meladies, heavy metal, rock, pop, glam, melodic tunes and beautiful lyrics created by ville valo lead singer of H.I.M.
HIM's fourth album was justly titled 'Love Metal'
by Sarah January 01, 2004
the best type of music known to mankind. created by the finish rock band H.I.M.. also their fourth cd. a genre.IT IS NOT GOTHIC MUSIC!!!!
Crank up the love metal babe.
by hammer53 March 25, 2006
A musical genre that consists of gothic, metal, and romance songs. It's also the name HIM's latest alblum. HIM is known as the creater of the band.
"What would you call this song, Patty?" "Definately love metal, John."
by ApathyOhMe May 22, 2005
1)Commonly mistaken as an actual musical sub-genra of Metal. In reality, it was purely the title of an album put out by Finnish Goth band HIM, and vocalist Ville Valo was concieted enough to try to claim his band as one worthy enough to create a new sub-genra of Metal.

2) Emo with distirtion.

3) Sad forshadowing of where not only our music is heading, but our youth as well.

4) Desperate attempt to sabatoge real Metal, such as Lamb of God, Chimaira, Whitechapel, and the like.

5) A terrible excuse for pathetic little emo kids to try to act hardcore.
Emo kid- "I listen to Love Metal .^_^. HIM is my fav band XD"

Metalhead- "Shut the f*ck up kid. You wouldn't know metal if it whupped your scrawny little ass."

Emo Kid- "Wanna bet?"

Metalhead- "Sure."
*Proceeds to whup some emo ass.*
by Sprocket Conover June 25, 2009
First off: It's not a genre if it has one fucking band.

A term coined by slightly above-average gothic rock band HIM to make them seem more edgy to the 12 year olds who listen to them because Ville Valo has a pretty face. It has none of the common elements of classic metal, such as guitar oriented songs, technical solos with heavy blues influence, complicated drum tempos, their lyrics aren't even as dark as Black Sabbath's.
Love metal =/= metal. The only reason it's gained any recognition is because that douchebag Bam Margeraisn't creative enough to think of his own symbol to put in every room of his house.
by ThroatSlit November 25, 2006