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Definition of a stick up your ass valley private catholic school, overrun with a 90% white population of girls with annoying laughs whose parents are just too "above" sending their kids to el camino or calabasas. Each class basically has an even 50/50 ratio of pretty to ugly girls which both sit on seperate parts of each classes designated lawn. About 10% of each grades pretty group has a naked picture out (which is probably why they got sent to louisville in the first place) and about 49% of the pretty group is extremely easy to bone because the rules at louisville are ridiculous and of course its a single sex school and they are dying for dick outside of gay crespi guys. On a more positive note the girls at louisville are smart as a majority and usually end up at good colleges- uc berkely, usc, lmu etc.
(at a usc frat party)

Random guy: Why is that drunk bitch half naked dancing on a table with a 40 of beer screaming "see if you can give me a detention now for having a stripe on my sock!"

Other random guy: Must be another girl from louisville highschool...
by The infoo2 April 04, 2010
An all girls school with the most amazing group of girls ever. They've got it all: class, brains, and beauty. They are their own breed of girls. They love their louisville sweats and messy buns. Who wouldn't want to be a louisville girl?
'oh wow. you girls are from Louisville High School? NIICE"
by xoxo11820 August 12, 2009
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