The BEST dame place u could ever be.We got Portland Shively PRP....All u hatas can shove it ^ ur ass bkuz u know we kick ass. fried chicken and Derby, we betta than u hatas nd bitches, jus kuz we aint punks or preps dont mean nothin.
I was ^ in Louisville and I was n heaven
by looeyville October 10, 2006
A Border City situated by the falls of the Ohio River. Despite it's downtown facing the Indiana shore, it thinks it's in the middle of Kentucky. Despite being situated along the lower rim of the Midwest it thinks it's in the middle of the South. Locals refer to the northern half of the metropolitan area as "Southern Indiana" despite Evansville being much farther to the south.
A city with what is possibly the most irritating regional pronounciation of a city in the USA, right up there with Norfolk Virginia. Though there is some variation in the regional pronunciation, the typical pronunciation used by people in the local media (TV and radio) could best be described as "Loo-a-bull" (pronounced in such a way that sounds as if one is gargling ______, quickly swallowing on the second syllable) which could be translated as "getting a male bovine to sit on the toilet."
A city that merged with the large county (Jefferson) where it served as the courthouse, back in 2003, imperializing the area around it, accelerating municipal hype, and giving developers an excuse to pave over the rest of the county.
The greater Louisville area is doing it's best to suck away all the jobs (at any cost) from the state of Kentucky as well as other large cities in the rest of the region like Chicago, Cincinnati, Nashville TN, St. Louis, and Indianapolis
by Getmethefuckoutofhere April 01, 2007
A third rate hick city in Kentucky white percentages of inbreeds and white trash. A city that smells like ass most everywhere you go. Bad drivers all around and you'll nearly have an accident every day going to work. Its a given because the locals don't have the mentality to properly merge or act as if they have any sense behind the wheel. A city of fake people that general act as if they are the greatest yet severely behind the times technology wise. Very unclean city, trashy, and a stark mixture of post industrial buildings, ghetto neighborhoods, and trash blowing all over the place including the grass lined areas along interstates. Schools are terrible evidence by being 118th out of 154 KY school systems.

Large amount of ghetto illiterates both white, black, and Hispanic that can't function in the real world so they live in Louisville. Ran down buildings, one interesting week out of the year, and provincial behavior with a mix of tribalism.
eg. We's from Da Ville, we're too lazy to say Louisville. So we has to say dat because we have no edyewcayshun.
by Louisvillesux March 20, 2011
A two horse town in Kentucky.
Jesus H Christ this town blows. It's almost as bad as Louisville.
by D Vader March 11, 2009
Kentucky's only real city, but it feels more like a small town. U of L basketball has tremendous support here. The only pros of the town are attractive-looking houses. Everything else is a dismal failure. The keyword that Louisville lacks is DESIGN. Everywhere you go, you see examples of poor design, whether it be roads with no street signs next to traffic lights, hundreds of potholes, Kroger's with its godawful layout, businesses without proper signage, whatever. The city has no urban planning whatsoever. It is a laughingstock to those who have come from at least half-decent cities.
Louisville was founded by retards who had children and generations later, their progeny still live there. Podunk hick towns along the highway are better than that shithole.
by SonOfSparda February 27, 2008
A northern style city that prides itself on the Kentucky Derby and baseball bats but doesn’t really support either. The horse industry is based mostly south in the nicer city of Lexington and professional baseball is an hour away in Cincinnati. Louisville is kind of dirty and wants to be a rich and clean city like Lexington and also wishes that their basketball coach were as good as he was when he was in Lexington. All the great looking Kentucky girls live in Lexington too. To sum it all up, it would suck to live in Louisville but Lexington is awesome.
Hey I thought about moving to Louisville but then I realized I'd rather eat shit and die.
by Anywhere but 'ville May 08, 2006
Louisville a.k.a. Loser-ville is a large metropolitan center in Kentucky. It is gay and it houses the U of Louisville which sucks at basketball.

Nuff Said biatch!
Loser-ville is a large metropolitan center in Kentucky. It is gay and it houses the U of Louisville which sucks at basketball.

Nuff Said biatch!
by I'm Rick James Biatch November 01, 2006

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