The act in which a male is receiving a handjob from a female whose choice of lubricant is Tabasco sauce.
Girl: "I'm at the grocery store, do you need anything?"
Guy: "Grab some Tobasco, I'm looking forward to that Louisiana Rub tonight."
#sex #handjob #spicy #tobasco #guy #girl #louisiana #louisiana rub
by spacejamjosh July 02, 2013
Top Definition
The act of taking your hand, breaking your fingers all the way backwards, so that they touch the back of your hand, then using your new backwards hand to rub one out.
Kyle: Dude I gave myself a Louisiana Rub last night!
Jack: Dude what's that?
Kyle: You don't wanna know, but I think I might have to amputate my hand!
#wing #stop #fap #handjob #broke #bones
by Shobhit July 11, 2013
When a guy is jerked off using cajun sauce.
My girl likes to keep things new and spicy, so she gave me a Louisiana Rub.
#lousiana #rub #cajun #south #sex
by turtl301 August 05, 2012
After having anal sex one proceeds to get a hand job using the fecal matter left on the penis as lubrication.
girl1: my boyfriend wanted a louisiana rub last night but i had the runs so it got kinda sloppy

girl2: i hope you washed your hands befor we ate
#anal #poop #sex #hand job #rub
by king PoP February 11, 2012
A kinky hand job in which the individual doing the job must use both hands and spit in his or her hands before doing so.
"Dude my girl gave me a Louisiana rub last night"!
#kinky #fedish #sex job #hand job #louisiana
by Ricky Youknowmyname October 11, 2011
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