the act of a male hot gluing pennies onto his penis, then proceeding to ram a girl in the ass. While doing so, the male then sets her hair on fire, throws her out a the window of a four story building, severely injuring her, then steeling her tv.
Jake: "i gave this chick a Louisiana purchase the other day. My dick still hurts but the tv was worth it."

Jack: "Very nice!"
by jdubs9486 March 03, 2010
A girl is giving head to a guy, but a third party is moving her head up and down.
Did you hear that David gave John's mom a Louisiana Purchase?
by Tracy's Cherrie November 21, 2010
The large and attractive posterior of an attractive, yet easy individual, who has sexual intentions.
"Damn, check out Luaren's Louisiana Purchase! You just know it's big, it's cheap, and she wants you to take advantage of it."
by thecaptdavis April 04, 2015
When a man enters his balls into a woman's vagina, one ball at a time and switching ball sides until orgasm. Can take a long time to do.
Last night, me and Mona made a Louisiana purchase!
by EddieVentura July 28, 2016
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