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The act of having sex with an over wieght to obese women, and mid-way through fornification, she goes into a diabetic shock, thus creating the effect of a bullride. This may be a desired event.
"man, when the Louisiana bullride started, i didn't even want to get the insulin injection for her... it was awesome"
by Danielle Harvey November 08, 2007
As you're tonguing a she-male's gooch (or grundle)on the dryer, maneuver your body around for anal penetration, and while doing so, administer a hefty slap to his/her testicles, put the dryer on fast, and ride it out.
Works best at laundromat, or your neighbors garage.
Billy: So I was giving the Louisiana Bullride to Pat yesterday, but I forgot to put a quarter in the dryer!
Jeffy: WOAH
Billy: Yea, Pat was super pissed that it's balls weren't swinging like they should
Jeffy: You mean, no thwapping?
Billy: Bro....
by J effy D'Jour October 29, 2007
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