Our famous Graphic Designer.

She is quiet by day, not so much by night.

A lovely lady with a great smile, always a pleasure.
Michelle: Hi Louise, you're so nice.
Louise: Thanks Michelle, I know.
#louise #tran #graphic #designer #smile
by JustthatGal December 05, 2008
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Louise always attracts attention to herself even without trying. She is extremely intelligent but sometimes a little ditzy when she gets too excited, but always interesting and fun! Louise usually looks gorgeous and has a fantastic smile that lights Everyone up. She treats people fairly and truthfully even if they dont like it! Dont mess with her - she will never forget it! Louise is the greatest one man woman lover you will ever find and is always optimistic with life, and stubbornly determined to succeed like a warrior at whatever she attempts. Louise's are great people! Hug one and tell her so today!
#flower #lu #lou-lou #louis #warrior
by Angel Maker February 04, 2010
A girl of unrivalled beauty - both external and internal. Her smile has an irresistible quality to it; it gives you the sense that there is no-one she is so pleased to be with as you. She is cute, she is sweet, she is caring. She is Louise.
Person 1: Wow, that girl's amazing
Person 2: Yeah, she's a real Louise.
#beautiful #gorgeous #smile #cute #sweet #pretty #great #sexy
by Ali G 69 March 16, 2013
A queen or woman of royal descent, who posesses great beauty, integrity, nobleness of heart and character, intelligence and kindness.
Having a louise in your midst, you will rub shoulders with sheer royalty. Noble in heart and soul, a louise will be the best of friends.
#royal #queen #noble #friend #best
by Songbird December 29, 2012
A beautiful woman with a passionate heart. Longs to be seen and understood. Loves like no other with a pure heart. Thinks like a Brohoe, can easily be around guys. Not afraid to speak her mind when she knows what's right. Faced trials that made her a woman of beauty, love, strength, humble, courage and a woman of faith. A woman behind a blooming flower, the most beautiful flower hidden in midst of a dark forest. A delicate flower that is worth keeping forever.
"I want to have Louise as my bride"

"You are the Louise of my life"
#beauty #love #crazy #strength #flower
by Fu4evr May 17, 2013
Feminine form of Louis. Comes from the English, French, and Dutch.
Meaning: Famous Warrior
Louise was a famous warrior woman.
#louise #english #french #dutch #warrior
by the_referee March 05, 2009
The most evil dog bitch spawn of Satan ever to live. She is also said to steal the souls of young children in order to feed her albino daughter.

also wears lovely sweaters
guy 1: OMG Louise Manwaring just stole that kids soul!

guy 2:Holy fuck!!!


guy 1: What a lovely salmon pink mohair sweater!

guy 1 and 2: pfffft... BAHAHA
#teacher #devil #soul #sweater #foul
by hofo'sho' January 30, 2009
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