1 A fighter who will stick up for the people she loves.
2 Outing going girl with lots of talents and envy of people that know her.
3 a flirt.
4 usually skinny and short with brown eyes and hair.
5 awsome laugh that she hates but her firends love.
6 Hardworker in school and for the most part smart.
7 Very artistic
8 A girl with lots of experience
Guy: you know Louisa your the most intresting person i've ever met.
Louisa: Thanks thats sweet, your so legit man.
by Louisa Caroline Lawrence January 22, 2011
Top Definition
1) "Louisa" is named derived from the Celtic word meaning "warrior".

2) A quiet, hard-working girl who is a patient and optimistic friend.
Girl #1: I'm going to hang out with Louisa today.
Girl #2: You're friends with Louisa? Lucky! I wish I had someone understanding to talk to.
by TryTomorrow November 16, 2008
Louisa is a cute and flirty. She is always aware of everything around her so don't try to keep any secrets with her. She is a genius when it comes to revenge.
"Lets thrown a surprise party for her!" "We can't, she is a Louisa."
by tellmeten March 21, 2010
A very old fashioned german meaning for the name Louisa is famous Warrior, this is rubbish. Although Louisa's are very strong on the inside they are far too hot for this definition! Louisa's turn heads everywhere they go and generally have great boobs.

As well as beautiful Louisa's are caring and funny and make great friends. Louisa's are very easy going and optimistic and dont like to see people upset. They love to dance but can be nightmares when they have had too much to drink so beware!

Some Louisa's can be real horndogs and are also known to be partial to peedom
'I'm so glad Louisa is my best friend'
by frangy crabs December 10, 2011
If you know a Louisa, you know the most amazing person in the world. The craziest and most genuine person you'll meet. She's got the cutest smile and the most amazing eyes which draw you in like an evening on a beach in Brunei. Or... Hawaii if you'd prefer. She's someone you'll never forget and spending time with her will turn you from Scrooge to a Leprechaun swimming in four leaf clovers. She's funny, sweet, smart, loving, artsy and most of all: lame. BUT, you'll love her for that. There's nothing you can't like about this girl and getting annoyed at her is like killing a baby and using the excuse he stole your ice cream to make yourself feel good about it. It doesn't happen. She's the best thing that can happen to you and if you don't make the most out of it, you're missing out on an amazing part of your life.
by psueeedomdominid November 08, 2013
Louisa is the name of: if single, a hot flirtatious woman or if married, a sexy, hilarious fun woman! Beware, most Louisa's bite, but look cute doing it! Rarely has a boring Louisa been sighted! Women like Louisa are also rare, if you catch one, don't let go!
" Wow that soccer mom is spicy!" " Of course she is, she's a Louisa!"
by cheese sniffer February 12, 2010
un-definable loves sloths and fuge
louisa: i love sloths

me: okay...
by jafferballs March 21, 2013
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