The one who is always munching carrots while wearing either nerd glasses or kiss-print underwear. The one who can always crack a joke and who SHOUTS THINGS REALLY LOUDLY ALL THE TIME!!!!! The one who says he has received many carrots and who is hoping to get a Lamborghini. The one who doesn't get very many solos but yet has the best voice. The one who sings about "the showers that are British" and who thinks he's Superman. This is Louis Tomlinson.
Friend: *buying a bag of carrots*

Other Friend: Why are you buying carrots?

Friend: To send to Louis Tomlinson!!!
by thegirlwhogotLoki'dagain December 30, 2012
1/5 of the VERY popular British/Irish Boy Band. Hes known as the sassy one out of the group. He has a very out going and friendly personality. He sings like an angel and is absolutely adorable. Hes currently dating Eleanor Calder, a model for the popular clothing line, Hollister. Louis was born on December 24 1991 in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Louis was grouped into "One Direction" with Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne, by Simon Cowell, in the popular series "X Factor".
A gift from the gods;) (Louis Tomlinson)
by Swaggy1D December 31, 2012
1/5 of british boyband one direction often saying things he shouldnt and starting arguments, many of the involve "benson the wanted." his style is geek chic + carrots +superman = louis tomlinson
person: who's one direction?
person 2: OMG you don't know who one direction is?
person: no...?
person 2: one direction are amazing especially louis tomlinson
by smithy76746 January 13, 2013
(Not Lewis, Louis) Louis Tomlinson is 1/5th of the smoking hot sexy British boy band One Direction. One Direction was put together on the X Factor Louis was born on the now best day of the year December 24th. According to Tumblr Louis is in a fake relationship with one Eleanor Calder to cover up his "secret" relationship with curly haired band mate and flatmate Harry Styles. Despite being told many times by Management to "tone down" said relationship in public, Louis and Harry have shown affection to each other many times in public, making Management all pissy. Louis is currently the Swag Master from Doncaster, his hometown. He has been seen associating with the well known Susan Boyle and has admitted to snogging her. Of course this was before Harry and Louis became a "secret" couple. Harry and Louis apparently been married for quite some time. Sugarscape was at the wedding on the 6th of April 2012 and i must say, it was lovely. Louis has also been called, My Future Husband, sexy beast, sex god, Adonis, incredible, hot, incredibly hot, walking sex, gorgeous, and many other names.
Directionater- I love Louis Tomlinson! He is going to marry me someday and our wedding theme will be carrots!

Police- So she choked to death on carrots?
by Angelica Umbra May 14, 2012
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