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'One mans craziness, is another mans reality'

Louie is a very unique individual. There have been plenty of people who have attempted to imitate the King and failed horribly. Louie's body is able to intake massive amounts of alcohol with ease. Also, he could possibly be one of the funniest people ever. He is considered a God among men and magnificent man beast for the ladies.
Guys: Here comes King Louie with his awesomeness.

Ladies: Oh my god, here comes Louie! Does my hair look ok?
by King Louie February 28, 2008
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a man who is stronger than everyone else and could beat you to a pulp. Very attractive with big muscles, he is wanted by women but is already completely devoted to one lucky girl. A complete gentleman he will open your door for you. However he is not afraid to get rough and naughty, especially in the bedroom. When you are with him he will make you laugh by copying you constantly. Quite possibly the love of your life. Impossible to ignore or forget.
by blondandsmart March 01, 2010
Louie is who your father wanted you to grow up to be or who your mother wanted you to be with, depending on your gender. Louie bones Chuck Norris's girl and then tells the good Chuck to fuck off. He gives advise and guidance to the worlds most interesting man. He's the best guy you could ever bring home to your parents, but watch out because your mom may want to sex him up! Louie's usually drive something manly like a truck and typically drink rum, but he could drive a Prius and sip on Pena Colada's and still be 10 times the man you are. The best Louie's are in southern Cali and are entrepreneurs. He's the guy that will always keep you guessing. He's amazing at everything he does especially when he's filling your wholes full of his amazing cock. He could be your best friend or your worst enemy. He's the best boyfriend in the world and hopefully husband! Ladies, take it from a women that knows a Louie, if you're smart you'll fight tooth and nail to keep him, but if you're just a dumb hood rat skank slut bitch then you'll just lose him to some gorgeous hot body blonde like myself!
Brad Pitt: Hey sexy! I've been calling you for the past couple of months and you don't return my calls, what's going on?

Jane Doe: Yeah, I've been busy. I met some guy and he's the best thing to ever have happened to me! His name is Louie! OMG! I just came! I can't get enough of him! I almost lost him to some dumb hoe, but, she was a dumb hoe!

Brad Pitt: Wait, did you say his name was Louie? OMG! I just came too! You lucky bitch! I don't blame you for not calling me. I will go away since there's no chance for me now. Take care and don't fuck this up! You've got a Louie for crying out loud!
A slang word used in north london for weed/cannabis in general.

There are also different meanings for different amounts.

2G = 2grams or £15 worth
Dragon/Henry = 2.7grams or £20 worth
Q or Queen = 5.4grams or £40 worth
Ertun: Oi Tom! You got that weed!?
Tom: stfu n00b!!
Ertun: Oh shit I mean... Do you have the louie?
Tom: Yea man... phew my mum almost heard
Ertun: ??? *pulls put a gat and starts to cap Tom*
by They call me Mr. E June 08, 2005
An all around awesome guy. He's hilarious, smart, talented, fun to be with, not to forget strange! Although he might be one of the weirdest people ever, he never fails to make you laugh. He is strangely inappropriate but amusing. Louie can be a complete diva and drama queen. He is the best possible friend you could ever ask for. He is always there for you and helps you with your problems. He can be snappy or obnoxious very often, but you can never stay mad at Louie for very long. He is a very solid friend. Louie is the best boyfriend any girl could ever have. He is so sweet and caring and knows how to treat girls. Louie's girlfriend is the luckiest girl in the whole world. He would treat her like an angel. He is a very loyal and faithful boyfriend and would give up the world for his girl. Louie is the most amazing guy in the world
"Awww look at how that boy treats his girlfriend I'm so jealous!"
"Yep thats Louie!"
by Frenchyogi February 11, 2013
Louie: Shortened from "Louisville Slugger", which is his formal name.
1. Your glass bowl;often referred to as an "oil burner".
2. Cousin of Phillip, who is Louie's #1 partner in crime-their bond is CRUCIAL to Louie's livelihood.
4.the pseudonym one may use ANYWHERE to refer to their glass bowl;if properly used in context, this "name" may be used in front of any authority figure without being decoded!
"LOUIE"-proper noun,nickname for a tool used worldwide

1.(in a discreet phone conversation): "Hey, is Louie with you? What about Phillip?" in,"Phillip my Louie! Thanks!"tee-heee!
3."Where's my Louie? Have you seen it?"
by orawan480 July 10, 2011
A Louie is predominantly a south London Slang word for a sixteenth (half an eighth or Henry) of weed named after Louis XVI.
MAN: Shit I can't afford an Henry, just gonna have to buy a Louie.
by ghostface77 March 14, 2011

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