said ( louse )

meaning to be. rediculous. over exagerate. immature, incorrect, silly or rude.

to be lousy- to be rediculous
That kid is so lous-y
by ezdaywoner October 29, 2010
"the lou" as in from st.LOUis
nelly sings, "i'm from the lou and i'm proud"
by lorio April 29, 2004
A person who makes idiot comments, decisions, and actions. This person can also be seen wearing ridiculous things. Also, if a person does not fit in, they are a lou. The word lou can be used as a noun, or to describe something or someone. If someone is a lou, they often times don't realize it until they are called one directly. As a friend, you should always let your friends know if they are being lous. If there is a lou in the area, call a "lou alert" by notifying others around you. This will keep you safe from further lou actions.
Person 1- "How many hotdogs did she eat last night when she was drunk?"
Person 2-"At least 15. She was being a complete lou"


Person 1-"Why don't you like him?"
Person 2-"He had a lou eye. Didn't notice til the morning"
by BrockBitches April 01, 2012
1. A Lou is between diarrhea and solid stool. A Lou dump resembles small shrimp or brown shredded paper. It often precludes diarrhea or even getting the flu. Symptoms are often similar to diarrhea, where a person experiences a great amount of pressure on their lower abdomen and intense sweating around their ass.

2. On a spectrum of wipeage 1-10, with 1 being a no wipe and 10 requiring a Roll, A Lou can range from a 6-9. It leaves the person guessing and never satisfied.
Tom: I need to get to the bathroom.
Seth: Why?
Tom: Because I think I just Lou'd in my pants.
Ashley: It smells like you just did a Lou fart.
by NoLou4me June 20, 2011
Love of Uniform - Working in the Professional Sports Industry and hanging out with the players all of the time.
Topher is such a LOU, I saw him high-fiving the players last night after they won the game.
by Double May 02, 2005
noun: male reproductive organ
she sucked my lou yesterday
by Deez Nutz in your mouth November 07, 2005
A word that is short for loser
You're such a lou Andrew!
by Joha September 27, 2005
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