A female name, shortened from 'Charlotte'.
Also another name for a naturally pretty girl. A 'Lottie' will often have the face of an angel and be the girl of your dreams
Oh man, she's such a Lottie! I think I'm in love
by pardOno? November 28, 2011
Top Definition
The most beautiful girl in the world.
''Lottie is the girl of my dreams.''
''I got with Lottie the other day but blew it''.
by jardinhio August 10, 2009
a girl who is naturally gorgeous and looks like an angel. a lottie will never believe that she is pretty, this is partly because a lotties friends are a bit jealous of her and dont like to admit she is stunning.
tom: yea shes gotta be a lottie, no doubt about it.
by kiki1101 January 11, 2011
A female name, sometimes a short form/nickname for the name Charlotte. Other shortened versions of Charlotte include Charlie and Char.
1: Hey Lottie!
2: Hi!
by flourescentt February 27, 2009
a really naturally effortlessly pretty girl. normally a lottie has beautiful blonde hair, long legs and a gorgeous smile.. a girl who is called lottie will be very kind and forgiving to others and is always ready to make new friends or to help others make more friends.
that girl is such a lottie.. look at her.. i mean how would any boy turn her down??

shes just.. perfect
by katie9090 January 11, 2011
A girl who wants to flirt, but doesn't want to go out.
Dude, I shes hangs with me with me all the time, then she said she didn't want to out
by Compton May 11, 2005
Normally gorgeous.

Has a good sence of Humor but usually quite dumb.
Has specific traits and style.
"Thats so Lottie"
"Thats such a Lottieish thing to do!"
by Shiftingtrout12 June 25, 2009
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