ABC's popular tv show that the title litterally explains what most of the viewers are, Lost, when watching.
Tom: Lost is so confusing but is a good show.
Bob: Lost makes me Lost. I couldnt keep up with anything.
by Prodocy December 27, 2007
get horny
Person 1: Dude, i just lost to marrisa.
Person 2: What's new?
by ohhotdamn! April 18, 2010
Lost THE GAME..The most life consuming word you will ever encounter, once you are apart of the game there is no turning back. The idea of the game is to not think about the game..(Sounds easy...right?)..This isn’t as straight forward as it sounds sooner or later something will remind you that you are playing the game and triggers a thought of the game, when this does happen you must state out loud iv lost and any other plays will loose to taking everything straight back to stage one, the only way to win the game...Is death..Good luck!

Welcome to The Game :-)
*in head* ' Ahell iv LOST my shoe '*Not in head* "aw man iv just lost"
by Magoo1234 October 09, 2007
When something you had/were in care of (inanimate objects only) were misplaced without any idea where they may be.

Note: never apply to people/animals/cars/jobs...

"I lost my shoe. I can't find it."

Or, from 1999 Academy Award winning American Beauty:
Caroline Burnham "you LOST your job??!"
Lester Burnham: "I didn't LOSE it, it's not like 'whoops, where'd it go?' I QUIT!"
by asteroid smashington April 19, 2009
LOST is a complicated, and often confusing, television series on the ABC television network. Confusing because it takes place on an island that seems to be there, but not there. The characters appear to be in the present, but oddly associated with the past in real-time. The intrigue revolves around, where they are, when they are, and contact with the outside world. No watcher can seem to get their minds around the central theme, LOST. Only a highly educated physicist has the ability needed to grasp the show. The conception of the show is based on an incident called the Philadelphia experiment and a concept called space-time. As most people simply don't have the brain power (processing ability) to deal with quantum reality, so the show continues into infinitum.
LOST is an oxymoron with itself.
by Guido1 March 07, 2008
when your so fuckin high you dont know where the fuck you are or what the fuck your doing
man i am so lost right now

hey settle down foods right there your to fuckin lost right now.
by time420 March 02, 2007
Television program that began a few years ago, that people watch as if they were addicted to crack cocaine. The first two or three episodes were very well done, and then they hired chimps and orangutans to write from there on out. The structure of the show follows no coherent logic whatsoever, and any time a continuity error is made, everything is explained as 'time travel' and 'flashbacks' and new subplots are introduced to buy time to figure out how the hell to explain it all. The show is appropriately named "Lost" because anyone trying to figure out what the hell is going on will become lost. Also, if you sat down to watch the entire episode, an Hour of your time would be "Lost" forever. 4 seasons into the show and they still haven't explained anything, yet they have managed to introduce 742 new subplots which they will never be able to explain by the time they cancel the show. You're a fool if you watch the show, ever expecting any answers.
"I sat down to watch Lost and before I knew it chimps and orangutans stole an hour of my life."
by Rhea Maxmood January 30, 2009
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