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Refers to the 3rd Generation of Toyota Supra. The icon for the reservoir lights up in an orange fashion, which resembles a bird cage with no bird (its supposed to be a radiator) thus indicating that the reservoir for the radiator is running low on fluids. This leads to signs of early head gasket failure, which is a problem in the Toyota 3rd gen Supra.
Ted: Joe, I lost my bird today??
Joe: Really Ted, that sucks bootie call, where do you think it went??
Ted: I dunno, but I have a blown headgasket in my Supra.
Joe: Huh, I thought you said you lost your bird?? Sorry to hear about taht ted, guess its gonna set ya back a day of work and beer money.
Ted: You know Joe, the icon light resembles a bird cage...
Joe: Oh yeah it does, your so funny Ted.
by Tommy Supraman III August 28, 2009
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