A horrid place where nubcakes breed in the most dark depths of bad rp. These furres are the epitome of lonliness as they fake-persona play with eachother; neglecting the fact that they will forever be virgins. They know not of what hormonal attraction is beyond their furry porn from f-chan. They sit about all day and complain of their "issues", but it's clear that they lack the intellect to realize that they've spent the day on Lost Lake; thus they have no problem other than being a complete faggot.
Wow, I feel like pissing some furrfags off; let's go to Lost Lake!
by 11-11 July 16, 2006
Top Definition
A beautiful 'dream', or area in the game Furcadia, where players can talk OOCly and away from judgement and the more offensive of the game. Problems are solved and friendships are forged.

The recent attacks on Lost Lake only define that some are jealous of what we have achived: a harmonous place.

The origional creater of the dream has passed away and the rest of the 'LLers; try to uphold the dream as best as they can.
A player created area in the online game Furcadia, Lost Lake.
by Angus Auster July 26, 2006

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