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absolute confusion and uncertainty.
I am one chick who is just lost in the sauce.
#existentialism #philosophy #confusion #zen #angst
by lostsauce December 05, 2006
In over your head. Confused. Out of your comfort zone but in a positive way.
"I'm lost in the sauce once again, I'm lost in the sauce once again. If it all goes right I'll be in your arms tonight, but I'm lost in the sauce once again." -Ween
#lost #in #the #sauce #ween #waving #my #dick #wind #dance #song
by Ilyea October 10, 2009
Lost in the sauce is when you are loaded drunk, so you're a bit out of touch with reality.
I'm lost in the sauce once again. (Ween song)
#drunk #sauce #lost #loaded #inebriated
by bgal November 25, 2007
Usher coined the phrase in his song "That's What Its Made For." When you don't have a condom on and you are having sex with the intention of pulling out and busting your nut elsewhere, however, you get so caught up and or overwhelmed with pleasure that you completely forget and cum inside the vaj.
I can't help it man... I just got lost in the sauce...
#sauce #pussy juice #raw dog #sex #pull out
by thekismetkid June 16, 2010
When you begin to have intercourse with every intention of using a condom, however you start off without one. At some point you say to yourself *im going to get the condom*, but you never do. In her moisture, the sensation is so good, you never bother to get up and get one, therefore remaining raw. Short term; going raw, no protection.
"Man this girl was so fine that we started off with the foreplay and before you know it, I was Lost In The Sauce."
#raw dog #raw #unprotected #unprepared #raw dogging
by Jay Denson August 17, 2006
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