Loser or nerd in an upbeat, friendly fashion. An amicable term commonly used among friends to describe a person who undertakes an act of lameness.
1) Josh: The levels of dihydrogen monoxide in our drinking water have recently reached alarming levels.

Noah: Oh Josh, you're such a loserfish (endearing tone).

2) Noah: Hey Josh, its Friday night, do you want to come out with me and paint the town red along with some chicks we shall meet at the bar?

Josh: Nah, I don't feel like, I think I'll just stay home and read my new Encyclopedia of Nietzsche.

Noah: Oh Josh, you're such a loserfish (endearing tone).
by (Jared), Josh, Noah and Sarah January 28, 2008
the act of being a loser fish means to celebrate ones noobish qualities and defy the laws of nature. A loser fish is generally a person who is mentally impertinent and confused with life. Names that apply commonly to the loser fish title include; Angela, Matt, Kristen and bernard
A: Do you think i could jump of this buil..-

B: dont be a loser fish you nong
by 12wootwoot September 17, 2011
An amazing cute adorable lovable person. Neither a loser or a fish, rather an amazing rower.

LoserFish typically have blue eyes and an amazing physique, and their girlfriends are in love with them.

There really only is one LoserFish though :)
-I love you loserfish
-Aww thanks babe :)
by LoserFishLover May 05, 2010
Big fat loser meanyhead buttface
Why do you have to be such a loserfish all the time (blub blub)?
by Shelly Stewart January 09, 2006
big fat loser meany head butt face
Why do you have to be such a loserfish all the time blub blub (must be included!)
by Shelly Stewart January 04, 2006
an extremely gay mother fucker
eww.. ur such a loserfish for not letting me fuck u
by chrissy laws June 20, 2003

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