Yes, I actually grew up in a Los Angeles suburb (Palos Verdes), and spent roughly 23 years in various parts of the collective LA area. Here's what it breaks down to:

A) Countless suburbs chock full of wiggers, soccer moms, dope smokers, hippies, etc.

B) The downtown area, with its "business district" (Don't make me go down there and eat your lunch) -- some of the softest people I've seen in my life. The eight hour workday is the norm here, any more and you're a "greedy, selfish sonofabitch".

C) Chock-full of illegal aliens who'll try and peddle everything from flowers to belt buckles to narcotics. The police here can't arrest/deport them unless they're actually caught commiting a crime.

D) Crime is a lot worse than the media would like you to believe. Basically, the jail system is so overcrowded you'll get released immediately after being arrested (and never show up to trial), or serve a couple days in the county jail system. It's a true revolving door.

E) Getting around is an absolute JOKE. You have to drive to get anything accomplished. Public transportation is not a viable option here. You will spend two+ hours to drive 20 miles on the freeway. Roads and highways are poorly maintained, READ: potholes galore.

F) This whole town is built on perceptions -- everyone is pretending to be something they're not. Image is everything in LA. You have countless stuck-up women/whores, "entrepreneurs", people living at home with daddy's credit card, etc. Very little substance, plenty of superficial people.

G) The city, overall, moves VERY slow. The entire state is VERY liberal. People in Los Angeles don't accomplish anything; they're too busy taking their poodle to get groomed, attending the latest illegal alien rights protest, etc. Wasting time here is the norm.

H) Yes, there are beaches. Yes, the climate is fairly warm most of the time. However, countless times during the year, beaches are closed due to pollution. Smoking is banned at public beaches. The sky is brown due to pollution.

I) Hollywood is chock-full of transexuals, gays, drug addicts, bums, and other undesirables. HIV+ capital of the world (outside of San Francisco).

J) There is plenty of racial tension, gang wars, violence, etc. LA is home to some of the worst slums in the nation.

K) The "educational" system is more baby sitting rather than learning. Schools are underfunded, everyone passes classes regarless of merit, and riots/violence occurs on a daily basis.

L) Real estate prices are through the roof (2005) -- even mediocre housing in a low-income area will cost in excess of $500,000. Shelter is approaching and even surpassing Manhattan in many areas.

OK, so there are some attactions: Disneyland, the beaches, and Hollywood. Aside from that, there's really nothing more to see in Los Angeles. It's an OK place to visit for a couple days. Trust me, it gets old.

If you're considering moving here to "become famous", or "make it big", take a number and get in line. Everyone here is trying to accomplish the same thing, yet nobody actually puts any effort into achieving their goals.

LA is a shithole, always has been, and will continue on its downtrend.

Joe: I make $150k/hour, worked at 300 companies, drive a Rolls Royce, and have a ten foot dick.

Mike: No way! I'm moving to Los Angeles so I can be like you! You were working at McDonalds yesterday!

Vato Loco: Hey holmes, lets go blast on them niggas in tha 'hood. Pinche motherfuckers are movin' into our territory

Vato Loco #2: Chale ese, mi familia (all 500 of 'em) are creepin' across the border tonight. I gotta smoke some dope anyways. VIVA LA RAZA!

Guy: Lets go grab some dinner.

Girl: Like, no way you fucking looser, I only date guys who are movie stars, and like, have ten foot dicks, like Joe. Forget the fact I, like, screw losers -- I'm going to be a, like, complete bitch 'cause I'm like, you know, a LA GIRL!!!

Dude #1: Yah, you know bro, yeah, I have this CRAZY business idea bro, uh huh, we're going to make a gazillion bucks!

Dude #2: So what's your plan?

Dude #1: Uhmm, well, lemmy smoke some more weed, and like, it'll all work out or something. DUDE! Is Cheech and Chong on?

Black Man #1: I finna go get me sum of dat gub'mint cheeze, mah nizzle! Time tah hit da County Line for some GR/Welfare!

Black Man #2: Fo' shizzle mah nizzle, when we get paper'd up, lets hit some of dem white blone biznatches!

Wigger: Repeat above.

Liberal/soccer mom: Oh heavens! Such vulgarities! I'm reporting you mister at the next PTA meeting! I'm going to start a protest in front of City Hall to stop your profanity!
by J.J. Luna September 05, 2005
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A massive tangle of highways and roads, also rumoured to contain people and houses.
I spent all weekend in a traffic jam in Los Angeles.
by Simon Haines May 03, 2005
Second-largest city in the United States, after New York City. Located in Southern California and home to about 9 million people in about 4 counties. One of the most (if not the most) diverse cities in the United States. The largest city in California and a major financial center for the Pacific Rim. Competes with New York City as the cultural capital of the United States; most movies and television shows are made in coordinated efforts between Los Angeles and New York, although most movie studios have their headquarters' in Los Angeles.

LA has about a billion suburbs that are essentially considered part of Los Angeles as a single city, although the city itself has only a population of some 3.7 million. Los Angeles is notorious for smog and gang-related crime; seperate inner-city working-class suburbs such as Compton or Long Beach have been made the subject of rap songs talking about the crime levels that have gained some notoriety and earned LA one of it's less-enviable titles as "the Gang Capital of the World".

Fortunately, the beautiful Pacific coastline and the numerous beaches and tropical climate offset some of the not-so-good parts of the city. LA also has an awesome music scene, a great clubbing sector, and countless appreciative cultural institutions such as the Getty Museum to visit that provide the city with a depth, culture and history that are enviable. It's an awesome city. Watch out for the traffic though.
Person who has never been to Los Angeles: Man LA is such a shithole, it has so much smog and traffic and gang-related crime

Me: Have you ever been there

Person who has never been to Los Angeles: No but I saw Training Day

Me: Die please
by Perfect_Cheezit September 16, 2004
1. The short version of the full name "El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Poriuncula," which is what the city was originally called.

2. The city that represents California to the rest of the country. In reality, Los Angeles is as dissimilar as it is possible to be from the rest of the state.

3. An amazing city that is resented by people in most other parts of the country for assorted reasons. Supposedly, we're all liberal, weed-smoking, anorexic gangsters who drive around in SUVs with a Starbucks fat-free latte permanently grasped between our manicured fingers and dream of making it big in Hollywood one day.

Okay, maybe not all at once.

LA does have a lot of suburbs, but over time they've all sort of melted together. It is divided roughly into two main regions. The City is south of the Hollywood Hills and The Valley is north of them (there's no definite line, but you usually know which one you're in. I generally go by whether you're north or south of Mulholland. Probably if you haven't been to LA you don't know what I'm talking about). Some sub-cities in The City are West Hollywood, Hollywood, Downtown, Santa Monica, and Beverley Hills. Some in The Valley are Studio City, Pasadena, Burbank, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, and Valley Village.

Truths: Usually you don't see people walking like in New York. We drive. There are tons of freeways. There is a lot of traffic and you have to learn how to navigate so that you don't get stuck on the 10 freeway for six hours. This city is immensely cosmopolitan. We have slums. We have gangs. We have good restaurants. We have many studios such as Disney, Paramount, Nickelodeon, etc. There's smog, but it's just sitting on the horizon, not bothering anyone. In fact, it makes the sunsets beautiful. We're not as superficial as people think. Our public transportation is horrible. Our public school system is broke. Our weather is perfect 99.99999% of the time. If we have more than two days of nonstop rain local news stations start a StormWatch2000 segment. People here are nice. If you pass someone on the street they will say hello and sometimes even ask you how you're doing. We have really nice museums such as the Getty Center, LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), and the La Brea Tar Pits (better than it sounds). We have beaches. It is not surprising to see someone getting arrested or to sit a table away from an actor/actress at a restaurant. We're pretty laid back people. You will never run out of stuff to do here. I can't think of any place I would rather live.

Misconceptions: Hollywood is NOT THAT GREAT. If you come here you would be better off at The Grove. Many of us are, in fact, aware of the state of humanity. All of the good theme parks are in Florida. Our Universal Studios and Disneyland get old fast. We're not that obsessed with plastic surgery. We don't have big earthquakes that often, though there are minor ones now and then. I've only been in one serious quake, so all you east coast people can stop freaking out.
Los Angeles isn't as horrible as people think it is. In fact, it's probably one of the less horrible cities in this country. I quite like it.
by No one in particular May 27, 2006
From The Ghettoest neighborhoods to the the richest neighboorhoods in the world, to the beaches , and best weather , LA is number 1.
yep sure is, cant compare to it.
by Past September 30, 2004
a COOL place where the skies are smoggy, the sports teams rock, the traffic sucks, the city's broke, and the language of the future is spanish.
have you ever seen Los Angeles smog?
by angeleno December 21, 2003
Home of the Mexicans, Blacks, Whites and Asians
Home of the Rich and the Poor
Home of Oppotunity
Home of Success and Failure
Home of Sandy Beaches and Great Weather
Home of Everything from Hip-Hop to Punk
Home of Bruins and Trojans
Home of Hollywood
Home of the Beach Boys and Linkin Park

whats not to love about the City of Angels??
no one can even compare
Born and Raised in LA
To Live and Die in LA
by Shanghai May 10, 2005
1. Spanish for The Angels.
2. A city located in Southern California. Los Angeles dates back all the way to the early 1500s. Thats even earlier than when the Pilgrims arrived at Plymmouth Rock. The Spanish governed first, then The Mexican government and now the U.S. L.A. became an official California and U.S. city in 1850. Since then Los Angeles has grown to become a city rich economically, culturally, and ideally. The city has everything you'll ever want. Los Angeles's size in area rivals that of New York's and Chicago's. L.A. has several communities and neighborhoods such as: Downtown L.A., Hollywood, the most famous, and Universal City. L.A.'s population consists of four main races: White, Latino, Black, and Asian. Latinos have the biggest influence ,of all the minorities, in Los Angeles. This a big reason why Los Angeles has developed to be what it is. Ofcourse Los Angeles is not all good looks and glamour. When a city like this has all this to offer you bet crime is not far behind. Los Angeles has its share of ruthless, despicable, and fearful criminals, but what major city dosen't have them? The crime in Los Angeles and all the rumors are what give L.A. it's bad name. All there is to know about this is either stay away or come see for yourself. Anyone who bad-mouths Los Angeles either does not live in L.A. or does but can't seem to get around this avoidable problem. L.A. is for those who have the balls to discover what it has to offer them. At the end of each day the sun sets and until tommorow when a new day is to be made.
Guy from Los Angeles : Yes! There's a blue sunny sky. It's a beautiful day for baseball at Dodger Stadium. I'ts gonna be a bitch to drive there, but fuck it!
by L.A. is not for everyone March 10, 2006

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