I fantastic sister and friend, who everyone adores and men fancy the pants off her because she is so beautiful. She can be sensitive and not want to move out because she will miss her family even though she wants to get married! To summerise she is fantastic, sexy and full of class.
1. This is my brother and this is my Lorraine.
2. Wow that girl looks so Lorraine.
by little bit85 February 05, 2010
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This girl is amazing. She has great taste in literature and music, she's super-cute, and is generally awesome. Can't do math very well...
That girl's so fly, I bet her name's Lorraine.

Time to go tutor my Lorraine in geometry...
by Tony Yertzell September 06, 2008
The most magnificent girl you could ever meet. Words cannot describe her stunning beauty. She's hilarious and tells you like it is. Probably gives amazing hugs. Has great taste in music and movies. Loves coffee. She likes to win and never loses and she's always right too. A total ninja. And the best person in the world, hands down.
Guy #1: What do you call a girl that's so amazing it just blows your mind?!

Guy #2: I believe people call that a Lorraine.
by Sirbunny February 07, 2010
an area of NE France, comprising the modern regions of Alsace and Lorraine: under German rule 1871--1919 and 1940--44. Area: 14522 sq. km (5607 sq. miles)
Alsace lorraine
by lorrainey August 18, 2008
Usually describing a female out of this world. Incredibly smart and super cute. Always thinking a step ahead of everybody else. Hates germs and loves playing sports. Generally very athletic with a body to die for. Typically works in law enforcement or areas where she is given a position of power.
Lorraine : ( laughing ) " I am gonna count how many things you are breaking today ".....................
by redvamp February 07, 2010
The most amazing girl you'll ever meet. She has a great taste in music and literature. Generally, an awesome girl & super cute. Her ability at math is varied. She's hilarious, tells the flat out truth, and super nice. Loves to give the best hugs. Likes to win & never loses. Coffee is one of her faves. Super fast like an ninja. Super classy girl. Super athletic with a body to die for. Easily fascinated by the world. But no matter how sweet she seems, she'll secretly hold grudges & backstab you every chance she gets. Once you're not liked by her, you never will be. First impressions with her are super important, mess it up & you get no second chances.
Lorraine: "Hey!!~ Gimme a hug?~ <3"
by Panda-Sketch January 17, 2012
A lovely woman without a bad bone in her body, yet the poor woman gets chopped up in a quiche then set on fire by Adele!
Poor Lorraine, first she gets chopped up in quishe, then Adele sets her on fire. #FML Lorraine. #LorraineFail :(
by The1DrewB January 09, 2012

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