The word Loris pertains to the general awesomeness/ good fortune of something or someone.
Loris can be used to describe a persons actions, state of mind or persona.
Examples of the use of loris in conversational english:

"Hey friend, that shirt is well loris!"

Examples of the use of loris in historical addresses:

"There are many people in the world who really don't understand, or say they don't, what is the great issue between the free world and the Communist world.
Let them come to berlin. It's crazy loris over here"

- JFK (Ich Bin Ein Berliner, June 26th 1963)
by amoebawild February 03, 2011
law - ree


1. With distinctly Amazonian qualities, a Lori personifies athleticism, strength, courage and fortitude; all of which can be observed during bouts of Basketball, of which Loris are known to be passionate. A Lori will rarely complain but instead will conquer adversity with head held high; unless said adversity is related to a lack of food. Where hunger is a factor, a person should maintain a safe distance while lobbing food to a Lori.
A Lori, though displaying Amazonian qualities, is also one of the most caring and genuine people you could meet; her love of family and friends is exceeded by none. She shows rare amounts of empathy and kindness, and has a level of integrity matched by few. She is not one for too many words, instead preferring to contemplate before speaking. This gives her a maturity and wisdom far exceeding her years.
This can often be overlooked if you encounter a Lori on a Dance Floor, as she will be breaking it down with the agility of a Spring Bock. A Lori is also known to engage in Dance Offs, and will always prove to be a tough adversary.
A Lori is a perplexing mixture of outrageously sexy and intelligent, with a surprisingly dirty and down-to-earth sense of humour; she is often caught laughing at her own farts, and looking up the definitions for poo.
A Lori is also known for her propensity to sleep. If seen on couches or beds, it is likely she is sleeping or watching Harry Potter.
Is that a dance floor? You should watch out, a Lori might be around here. You wouldn't want to get in to an accidental dance off.

Is that a sleeping Lori? We should leave her some food and get out of here before Harry Potter finishes and she wakes up.

Ogh! What is that smell!? A Lori must have been here!
by lukish99 July 17, 2016
A small package, usually annoying and mean. Likes to interrupt, will always top your story but has a big heart for family memebers
Hey Lori want to get married? ; na go to hell, I got my dad.
by Dadlover69 January 13, 2016
Someone of perverse nature or one who thinks in a filthy manner.
We just have to have a natural conversation and our Loris will extend out...

*Laughing* Umm WHAT will extend out?!?!

Dude, you're such a Loris!
by Sap This! August 30, 2011
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