Laughing on rolling floor...
Used when coming home from the pub and u really wanna say rofl...
<Someguy> "Something funny"
<You> LORF
<Someguy> LOL, u can't even spell
ROFL rigth =)
by Steinar January 09, 2004
Top Definition
A term to really annoy pseudo-christians in cahtrooms and forums etc. "Lorf" instead of "Lord". Drives 'em pshyco! Lorf is also the name of the god of typos.
"Come on, everybody, let's Praise the Lorf!"
by Brian Jones August 07, 2005
n. the foam portion of feline vomit. v. the act or sound of a feline dry-vomiting a foam material, as after having eaten grass.
My cat lorfed grass onto my carpet for the second time this week.
by chris neglia December 23, 2007
Abberviation to Laughing On Roof Flooding. It can also be used as Laughing On Rolling Floor.
person1-*Random uber fun stuff here*
by Tvirus December 22, 2005
Slang term for "idiot" that was made up.
"hey bertha, dont be a lorf"
by jennnnnn May 31, 2006
Originated in a Connecticut basement, typically used to insult those of Greek decent.
The Greek made a funny.

by Janik June 11, 2004
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