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A scene queen in training. She's different from most of them, tho. She's a hybrid: somewhere between a 80s scene, bubblegum scene, and a hardcore. She refers to this as strobe scene.. I know her personally and i thought she was just a girl with a dumbass hair cut and a sweet ass who needed to lay off cheetah eye make up and shut the fuck up about BMO thr robot. Then i got to know her. Shes fuckin awsome.
Lorena lucid hater: wtf if wrong with ur hair cut, emo-ass bitch.
Lorena lucid: did it myself. And fyi emo is a type of music, and if u reduce ppl to labels, then u must spend a lot of time at home thinkin about insults while u shove a carrot up ur ass!
Lorena lucid haters bf: shut the fuck up.
Lorena lucid: quit sticking ur dick in ur moms vacumn cleaner cuz ur prude of a fuckin gf wont suck ur dick.
Random guy (to lorena): nice ass, sexy.
Lorena lucid: thx xoxoxo
by Hellocruelworld December 28, 2012
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