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Populars- Aeropostal wearing faggots. Wears Khakis and Skinny Jeans. Never strays from American Eagle or Hollister. Worships Aeropostal. Most of them run track. Stereotypical whores & populars. Disgusting breath. Orange skin during winter. Too much makeup on their faces.
Dorks- Greasy ass hair, dont brush their teeth. Once a month showers. Smells HORRIBLE. Can't take showers because of playing Xbox 360.

Emos- Dark clothes. Heavy eyeliner. Always trying to form a band. Smallest group of the school. Some do drugs some do not. About 50% are virgins. Aeropostal populars try to steal them away once on a blue moon.
Gangsters- Oversized T shirts. Sideways hats. Excessive swearing. Walk REAAAL slow. Takes baby steps.
Douches- Loud mouthed. Always throwing stuff at randoms.
Big egotistic heads. Likes to retreat from the girls they hug in the equipment room.
Girl 1: Have you heard about the kids in Lordstown High School?
Girl 2: Yeah they suck big nig nuts.
by The Loner serEnity March 21, 2010
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